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Assault: Explanation of Assault Charges

New York assault charges can be very serious. Penalties for an assault conviction can range from probation to years in jail. If you or someone you care about has been charged with the offense of assault, you should take immediate action to speak with one of our criminal defense attorneys regarding the penalties and the prosecution against you. We have the legal trial experience that is beneficial to helping you battle these charges. We can help you discern the facts of your case and build a defense that will be resilient in court.

In New York, assault charges are separated according to the specific facts of the incident.


A basic assault charge refers to a situation where the defendant caused physical injury to the other party. Higher assault charges carry much more severe penalties because the circumstances of the actual incident are more dangerous to society. When it comes to first-degree and second-degree assault charges, prosecution must prove that the defendant intended to cause serious physical harm to the victim. When it comes to the lower levels of assault, prosecution is only required to prove that the defendant acted recklessly with a dangerous weapon or was negligent with the use of a dangerous weapon.

Have you been charged with assault?

Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor assault or a felony assault, it is important to do what it takes to avoid a conviction. Gang assault is another type of offense in this category and it can be penalized with a minimum sentence of three and a half years in jail. It is separated from other assault crimes in that the action is aided by two or more individuals.

Anyone accused of assault should take the opportunity and obtain a free case evaluation. Seek representation from an experienced defense lawyer in New York City. At The Law Offices of Rothman, Schneider, Soloway & Stern, LLP, we understand that you are facing a difficult circumstance and will require aggressive legal assistance.


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