Burglary Charges in Manhattan

Burglary is an all-around serious offense, no matter what the specifics of the case include. It is described as a theft crime although theft is not a prerequisite to being charged with this crime. Burglary is the unlawful entering of another individual's personal premises with the intention of committing either a felony or theft crime. In some cases, the intended crime is not committed but the defendant can still be charged with burglary.

If you are in need of legal protection from the daunting effects of a burglary conviction, your best option may be to speak with a New York criminal defense attorney. At The Law Offices of Rothman, Schneider, Soloway & Stern, LLP, we have accolades that we believe could benefit your burglary case.  We know that a conviction for burglary can change your life, which is why our firm offers strong defense.

There are different degrees of burglary that can be committed. You can be guilty of committing burglary in the third degree if you have knowingly entered a building in an unlawful manner and even had the notion to commit a crime. First- and second-degree burglary entail aggravating factors such as possession of a weapon. Two elements must exist for the charge to be made; trespassing must have taken place and the intention to commit a crime within that premises.

Various defenses are available for your case if you have been charged with burglary. Possible defenses include the lack of intent to trespass and the lack of intent to commit a crime inside the building. When defending against your charges, you need the best criminal defense lawyer in New York by your side. In order to avoid the penalties you may face, take action and secure our legal assistance at once. Call our firm today for a free case evaluation!

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