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Murder Charges in Manhattan

Looking for an attorney for a murder case in Manhattan?

Have you been charged with murder in the state of New York? If so, it is important to realize that you must be very careful not to make any mistakes in your case. Prosecution error may lead to  wrongful conviction and you may not have the opportunity to reverse the damage. It is imperative to retain the legal assistance of a New York City criminal lawyer from our firm at the earliest possible moment.  Our attorneys have been defending clients against charges of Murder in State and federal courts for decades and have a wealth of experience in conducting the necessary investigation and the courtroom and trial skills to secure the best possible outcome for you or your loved one in the event you are charged with this most serious crime.

Penalties for Murder in New York

Murder in New York, either State or federal, may be punished by a lifetime prison sentence and, if charged in federal court, possible even the death penalty.  It is defined in Article 125 of the New York Penal Code.


Murder in the first degree, §125.27 is performed when the individual had intent to cause death to another individual and this action is completed. Murder in the second degree, §125.25, is when the defendant purposefully causes the death of an individual and they acted under the influence of an extreme factor such as emotional disturbance.

Contact a Manhattan Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with murder it is important to immediately secure the legal representation of our firm. You need an experienced criminal lawyer in New York City to help you! From the beginning of your case to the end, we can build a case with the purpose of protecting your rights. Make sure that you take every step toward building a strong defense. 

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