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Manhattan White Collar Crime Lawyers

White Collar Crimes Explained

The Law Offices Rothman, Schneider, Soloway & Stern often represents executives and business professionals in white collar investigations and prosecutions. Our areas of extensive experience include virtual currency licensing, state and federal securities fraud, insider trading, money laundering, and compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act and anti-money laundering requirements. We work zealously to avoid such matters from ever resulting in formal criminal charges. Where an arrest occurs, we provide the highest level of professional advice and courtroom skills.


The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) defines white collar crimes as the lying, cheating and stealing of those in business or government. White collar crimes typically are committed toward a business but can destroy the lives of many individuals. Investors and their families can face disastrous consequences.

White collar crimes are often difficult to define, but some of the most common ones that our firm handles involve:

  • Embezzlement

  • Securities fraud

  • RICO

  • Money laundering

  • Welfare fraud

White collar crimes are often treated in a similar manner as federal crimes, even though not all white collar crimes are federal crimes. Deceit, rather than violence, is the primary focus of white collar crimes. Penalties for such crimes can be very severe because of the damage it enacts on the personal lives of victims. Contact a Manhattan criminal attorney to help fight your white collar crime charges.

Consequences of White Collar Crimes

Penalties for white collar crimes can be life changing and are very severe. If you are facing an arrest or are under investigation for a white collar crime, it is important to take action as soon as possible. Dealing with the law can be very difficult and frightening, and our firm is here to help! Mistakes can result in charges that you should not have had to face but ones that are very difficult to overcome.

Seek representation from the best criminal defense attorney in Manhattan to assist you in your case. It is essential that you secure the legal assistance of our firm if you have been charged with a white collar crime.

At The Law Offices of The Law Offices Rothman, Schneider, Soloway & Stern , we are intent on providing legal guidance to those unjustly charged with any type of white collar crime. Our goal is to protect your rights and your freedom as we build a defense case on your behalf. You can trust that we will work hard to make sure that every avenue has been taken to get your charges reduced or dismissed. Contact us today!

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